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Doug's Book Chapter 1

For the last seven months, as well as filming, I’ve been writing a book. Well I say ‘seven months’, but actually it’s been brewing in my head for a lot longer than that. In these coming weeks until we come off the presses in early February 2012, I’m going to tell you it’s been the biggest fun I’ve had in a long time, why it’s felt real good to have finally done it, and therefore why you should all rush out and buy a copy please! But more of that later, if I take you back to the beginning you’ll get more of a feel for how it’s come about.


Bottle nose Dolphins

My last entry is dated June 2010. Good grief. Not so much a case of Where is Doug but Where the hell has Doug Been for the last fifteen months?

It’s not much of an excuse, but it’s been an odd period, big chunks of work when I’ve been away, with other chunks of solid in Bristol stuff. When I have been far from idol, but exploring other avenues.



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