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Living Oceans Foundation in Rangiroa

Doug and a local
Good location for an interview
Kate and Maggie doing their stuff
Lemon Shark
Looking cool head on
Team Rangiroa

In March I was away again for another shoot for the lovely folk of LOF (Living Oceans Foundation). They’re still full on with the Global Reef Expedition but had moved on west from Galapagos (see my earlier blog) to French Polynesia in the Pacific. They’ve upped their ambitions too, and are also now making a one hour show for TV produced by John Ruthven ( So he went out for a couple of weeks to do some interviews and catch some material for this as well as to cover the scientific activities.


Nurofen Commercial then SuRi goes South December / January 2013

SuRi in Ushuaia
SuRi down south
Troy about to dive
Wilson's Petrel dancing
The big bubble being launched
Drake Passage, Alternative Route
SuRi skipper Neil with the Adelies

Come on now, who hasn’t seen this one? It’s been playing regularly on at least one of the commercial TV channels pretty much every night since its launch in February, and also more sporadically at cinemas. The agency approached me back in August 2012, and what intrigued me was how they saw a key element in their campaign to be “real people with fascinating lives”. They didn't want actors, they wanted to feature genuine individuals.


Autumn Talky Tour, and a couple of Awards

Winter 2012 talky tour poster
Didier and I receiving Blue Ocean Award
McFly, Olly Murrs, Joanna Page and oldie
Hair, height and talent - our only differences
Full Marks for this truck!

October and November was the second talky tour organied by Jo Sarsby Management. BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO CAME ALONG AND CHEERED ME ON!! I did 33 talks in all in 42 days, at theatres, schools and corporate events. 6800 total audience, 620 books sold. A bit of a mad schedule but highly enjoyable. Highlights? Full house in my old home town of Dunfermline, and then another full house in the Lyceum in Edinburgh.


An Update - Red Sea and North West Passage August 2012

The Doubilet look - subject backlight and flash fill foreground
Guess who?
Liam's elegant, I look naff
Anthias - great fish to have in pics!
The murky conditions at Maud's winch
The Maud's hull

Good grief, once again a big gap since my last blog. It’s just an old habit dying hard, the idea that no news is good news. In other words if you don't hear from me, things are going ok. Not that that will serve me well at all in our interconnected digital era. Where the means exist to be in contact, they must be used. Not much point in having a blog page otherwise. My attitude is a hangover from my early years in the Antarctic on a research station.


Galapagos and Greenland

Doug filming on the glacier
Preparing to dive in the Blue Lake on the Glacier
Helo support on the glacier
Polar bears on the berg

Galapagos and Greenland

It would be hard to imagine two bigger contrasts of location than the last couple of trips.


Freeze Frame, South Pole, Talky Tour

Me at Investiture

And so, the end is here.
I have indeed faced the final curtain.
I tried to make it clear but it wasn’t always easy with the accent
My life was very full.
I certainly did travel many highways, not all of them in the right direction. Must get a decent sat nav next time.
But the talks went down real well, folk did say they’d never heard anything quite like them

And trying to sustain a blog in the style of My Way has gone on long enough

Did anyone realise that attempt at humour?


Doug's Book Chapter Five

Coming Up for Air was an early draft to get a feel for a cover and a shape for the book. But it was never taken really seriously ………


Date: 15 June 2011 11:47:02 BST
From: Roz
Subject: Book Title
To: Doug

How about this for a possible title?


Doug's Book Chapter Four

Opening Ideas

So in April I felt I was committed. I had only a dozen captions written – the ones I’d done a few years earlier for Shirley, and of those maybe half were straight away dubious because in the cold light of the new idea for the book, they just didn’t seem to fit in well. The pictures might be the initial drivers for the book, but the stories were going to be important. I had a deep pool of stories and pictures to draw on, the decision was which pics and stories to use.


Doug's Book Chapter Three

A Cast of Thousands


Doug's Book Chapter 2

It’s the opening months of 2008, Alastair Fothergill had just been talking to me about his new big idea. Planet Earth had been a monster, viewing figures off the graph. My main effort for that had been the shoot in Kong Karl’s Land, going for the bear and cubs coming out of the den. The Diary piece that Jason and I made while on that trip, with the polar bear up at the window, had gone down a storm. It put me back in the public eye, lifted my profile another notch.



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