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Doug's Tour Dates October - November 2016

Doug Allan Irish Tour Dates 2016

Submitted by Doug on Mon, 07/04/2016 - 10:43


Scotland Dates 2015

I'm doing some Scottish venues towards the end of November. Here's the information, please contact the venues for tickets. Apologies to the those of you up north who've written to say they wish I was coming to more places, but just like when I'm filming beasties, I can only be in one place at one time and this is how it's panned out this year. But down the line, I'll do other theatres. That goes for Ireland too!

Monday 23 November
7.30 pm
Clarkston Hall
Clarkston Road
Clarkston G76 8HE
Phone: 0141 5774861


Dates, Venues and Contacts for November Tour

Dates for November 2015

Because I'm having wee issues attaching a big enough resolution poster with details of the tour, here they are another way!

Don't forget there are six Scottish venues also coming in late November, details will be posted shortly here and on Twitter

2 November Civic Theatre Chelmsford 7.45 01245 606505

3 November Swindon Arts Centre Swindon 7.30 01793 524481


All the latest June 2015

Typical berg off Newfoundland
Our RIB for the Newfy filming
Prepping for the dive. Note the hard hats for protection!
SMB's so the RIB knew where we were
The Bristol Whales being woven
One of the weaving workshop groups

Greetings all – yup it’s the old story, apologies from the world’s least consistent blogger. I turn round and another six months has slipped by.


Bye bye 2014

And with 2015 fast approaching, big thanks to some special people from 2014

To Jo, Haley, Becks and Declan at Jo Sarsby Management ( for all the hard work they put into making my presentations so successful. Two big tours and one small, from Dorset to Shetland and 54 other venues in between, culminating in the Highlands and Islands over November into December.


The perfect gift for Christmas!

Freeze Frame Book
FF Cards Set 1
FF Cards Set 2
FF Cards Set 3
FF Cards Set 4
FF Cards Set 5

My totally unbiased suggestion - a personally signed copy of Freeze Frame – A Cameraman’s Adventures on Ice
Comes complete with self blowing trumpet .........

To order a signed copy of Freeze Frame, with a personal message if required, please write to me at:
Tell me the name or names you’d like to go in the book – first name only, or first and second names. And any message you’d like me to write. Please specify if you’d like only a signature.


November - December Talk Tour

The New Talky Tour November – December 2014

Tour generously assisted by sponsorship from Fourth Element, equipment for adventure
and S & JD Robertson Group Ltd, real estate developers Orkney


Lyric Theatre 8 & 15 December 2014

Lyric Theatre Details

I'll be in exalted company on 8 and 15 December at the Lyric.
Plenty of great stories in prospect.
I also know from being on location and filming with Steve and Martin that the possibility of rattling ghosts from the closet will be hard to resist ........ who among them has the reputation for taking most attempts to get their words right? On the other hand who holds the record for fuzzy out of focus shots?
We all have to tell the truth on the night if asked by the audience ........


Talks coming in September!

Polar Bears fighting

I have three talks coming up in the second week of September. Different venues, different stories. But all open to anyone! Would be great to see you there!

Wednesday 10 September I'm at the National Media Museum in Bradford at 630pm. Full details are at :


A Big Catch Up

Looking for Svalbard bears
Gould Bay Emperor Penguin colony
Living accommodation on Svalbard - for a few days!
Coming down Lava Falls in the Grand Canyon
Transport to the Emps - ever see a sky so blue?

Anyone looking at this site for what I’ve been up lately would think I’ve dropped out of sight. Look at that – over 14 months since I last filled in this blog. Well I do tweet occasionally but you’re right, I’m pretty piss poor at putting stuff in here.

So let me bring you up to date ….. opens cobwebbed diary …..



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