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The perfect gift for Christmas!

Freeze Frame Book
FF Cards Set 1
FF Cards Set 2
FF Cards Set 3
FF Cards Set 4
FF Cards Set 5

My totally unbiased suggestion - a personally signed copy of Freeze Frame – A Cameraman’s Adventures on Ice
Comes complete with self blowing trumpet .........

To order a signed copy of Freeze Frame, with a personal message if required, please write to me at:
Tell me the name or names you’d like to go in the book – first name only, or first and second names. And any message you’d like me to write. Please specify if you’d like only a signature.

I’ll send out the book by courier when payment is received. It normally takes 3 days for delivery. I’ll notify you by mail when the book leaves me.

For delivery I need the name and full address with postcode where the book is going, with a contact phone number if possible.

You can send payment for the book in three ways:

(1) My preference is for online BACS payment of £31.90 (£25 + p & p) to
D Allan
Halifax Bank
Sort Code 11 – 04 - 19
Account No 00087153

Very important - please put your name as a reference for the payment, and email me at when you make the payment. I’ll be receiving a lot of orders and payments and without your reference I have no idea just who has paid. Thanks.

(2) By £31.90 transfer to my personal PayPal account. Please note this is accessed through another, different, email

Again as per the BACS - please put your name as a reference for the payment, and email me at when you make the payment. Thanks.

(3) By cheque for £31.90 made payable to Doug Allan and sent to
Doug Allan
13 Rockleaze Court
Rockleaze Avenue
Bristol BS9 1NN

I also now have Freeze Frame Cards for sale. And over Christmas, I’m offering a FREE set of Freeze Frame Cards with every book. Just let me know which set of cards you’d like with your book order.

These (blank) cards feature pictures from the book, reproduced to the same high quality. Great for Christmas or any occasion, or simply for framing!

The cards come in packs of five, with five different cards in each pack, including five envelopes.

Pack 1
Emperors Penguins and Chicks, Polar Bear Portrait, Weddell Seal and pup, Ice diving Guillemots, Icebergs on the Antarctic Peninsula

Pack 2
Polar bears resting, Belugas underwater, Emperor penguin chicks huddling, Weddell seal sleeping, Antarctic iceberg

Pack 3
Wandering Albatross displaying, Fiery Antarctic sunrise, Weddell seal and pup under ice, Polar bear sitting, Adelie penguin feeding chick

Pack 4
Snow Petrel in flight, Footsteps by the crack, Polar bears fighting, Crabeater seals on their ice floe, Emperor penguins returning

Pack 5
Antarctic pack ice, Harp seal pup, Belugas head up, Leopard seal and penguin, Polar bear and cub

One pack £6.00 including postage
Two packs £11.00 including postage
Three packs £15.00 including postage
Four packs £20.00 including postage
Five packs £24.00 including postage

Orders and payment as per the book. Please make sure you tell me which set of cards you’d like!